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But first, who is Gentis ?

A recruitment consultancy firm headquartered in Brussels with other offices in Paris, Casablanca, Dubai (soon) , and the one this vacancy is about ANWTERP. Founded by our Fantastic Four (you'll get the chance to meet them) in 2011, Gentis is listed today as 7 top recruitment agencies in Belgium all thanks to the hard work of our Business Consultants and the tailored service they propose to their clients.

At Gentis, we aim to be the best in what we do. And to do so, we should provide the best work lifestyle for our consultants. Not only we put the human in the center of our strategy, but we are also looking to always improve their good being at work.

You may have heard from the news about us, you know. the recruitment agency who already adopted the 4 days weeks system. That's Us . What we also do is always make sure our collaborators get the recognition and rewards they deserve.

So, What's a Business Consultant ? Let's keep it simple, it's someone who thrives on playing matchmaker, who loves to face new challenges and is always up for a drink with the colleagues. But most importantly, its someone who will make sure to always deliver the best candidates for their clients and to always stay human.

It's the magic of 360 Recruitment !

If you're missing the fun at your current job maybe, or you're done with monotonous tasks then come check how to keep your day busy. Not only will act as a recruiter, but you also will be developing your markets and your business (makes sense, cause you only work exclusively in a certain market) .

So, what does it take to be part of the team ? EASY.

  • You're a fluent French speaker with a sprinkle of English
  • You make deals and od business whenever you get a chance to
  • Staying human and empathy is one of your strong traits
  • You thrive on rewards and getting the right retribution for your efforts
  • Playing professional cupid is what you what to do
And what is it we propose ? Only the good stuff
  • You own car since day 1
  • An attractive commission scheme (could possibly double your salary .)
  • A Result orient work environment (flexibility at its best)
  • A chance to win Trips, Incentives, and invitation to Michelin starred restaurants
  • A meritocratic growth culture and career perspectives